Terms of Service

Article 1.
The purpose of this terms of services (hereinafter referred to as terms) is to establish rights, obligations, responsibilities and other required matters, regarding Busidol service (hereinafter referred to as service) provided by Busidol (hereinafter referred to as company), for the company and the service user (hereinafter referred to as user).

Article 2. Definition of Vocabularies
The definition of vocabularies used in this terms are as follows.
1) The definition of user is a person who uses games and services provided by the company (including members and non-members) by establishing agreements based on this terms.
2) The definition of contents is any digitally created content, related to the service, including all games, network services, applications, game money and game items, provided by the company.
3) The definition of device is a machine that is capable of downloading or installing contents including PC, cell phones, smart phones, PDA, tablets, consoles or portable consoles.
4) The definition of service is any service provided by the company, through wireless/wired networks, to enable network gameplay including ranking, bulletin board, purchase of game money and game items.
5) The definition of open market is a space, application or a web site where deals between the users and Busidol is delivered so that the users may download Busidol application by paying money or by free.
6) The definition of open market provider is a provider who manages an open market.

2. The definition of vocabularies used in this terms are subject to the definitions of the applicable laws and regulations per service except for definitions from clause 1 of this article. Otherwise undefined vocabularies are subject to general commercial practices.

Article 3. Effect of Terms, Application and Revision
When the user downloads a game provided by the company or uses contents and network services, then the user is considered to have agreed to this terms. This terms may be revised within the range of applicable laws and regulations on reasonable causes. Revisions of important terms including rights and obligations of users and members are notified beforehand. The revised terms are effective with beforehand notification.
2. If a member does not agree the revised terms, one may request withdrawal (cancellation). If a member continues on using the service seven days after effective date of revision of terms, the member is considered to have agreed to revisions of the terms.

Article 4. Regulations out of the Terms
The company may place extra terms or policies which are not specified in this terms of services. Terms and policies are subject to the applicable laws and regulations or business practices established by the government of the Republic of Korea.

Article 5. Establishment of Service Agreements
When the user downloads a game provided by the company or uses contents and network services, then the user is considered to have agreed to the terms of the agreements.

Article 6. Protection and Usage of Personal Information
The company shall, as subject to the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, strive to protect users personal information. Protection and usage of personal information shall be in accordance with the privacy policy of the company and related laws and regulations. The user must provide accurate latest information to Busidol. Issues caused by the user submitting false or fictitious information is not responsible for Busidol.

Article 7. Obligation of the Company
The company shall not commit deeds prohibited by related laws and this terms of service and shall strive to its best for continuous and stable services.
2. The company shall neglect security responsibilities for protection of users personal information.
3. The company shall immediately settle objectively reasonable complaints or opinions of the user through appropriate processes. When immediate measures are not possible, the user should be notified of the reason and process schedule.

Article 8. Purchase of Paid Contents
Paid contents purchased by the user within the game service may only be used for the device which was used to download or install the corresponding game service application.
2. Busidol states the above clause when the user downloads application from TV platform and the open market using the TV and mobile application. Busidol is not responsible for the issues caused by users not being familiar with this clause.
3. Some of the applications of Busidol are only useable when the smart TV and the smart phone are using the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure to purchase contents considering your internet connection. Busidol is not responsible for the issues caused by users not being familiar with this clause.

Article 9. Purchase
The company is not responsible for purchases done by a third party caused by the user not using password setting configuration of an open market or having the password carelessly revealed.
2. If the user has subscribed to a youth plan provided by the communication provider, the in-app purchases done within the device is considered to be agreed by the users legal representative.
3. The user is responsible for sincere payment of the in-app purchase prices.

Article 10. Subscription Cancellation and Refund of Payments
In-app purchases of the Busidol application are categorized into refundables and non-refundables.
For the following cases, cancellations of in-app purchase items are limited. Be sure to be well-informed of these cases.
1) For single-use in-app purchase items
2) For in-app purchase items which are immediately used or applied to Busidol application
3) For in-app purchase items which are acquired during normal usage of the Busidol application
4) For in-app purchase items with additional benefits whose benefits are already used
5) For in-app purchase items whose are sole in a bundle and a part of the bundle is already used
6) For in-app purchase items whose opening is considered to be using or capsule/probability in-app purchase items whose effects are decided when opened.

When there are reasonable grounds for the cancellation, the user may request cancellation by contacting tvapps@busidol.com. It may take up to 7 days to handle required processes for return, collection or erase of the in-app purchase items and refund of payment.
2. Purchase of Busidol application or in-app items corresponds to payment method provided by the open market provider. Therefore, when there is an erroneous charge occurred during purchase of Busidol application or in-app items, the refund must be requested to the open market provider as a rule. Nevertheless, when possible according to policy or system of the open market provider, Busidol may request fulfillment of required refund process to the open market provider.
3. If the user arbitrarily use reset function or erases downloaded game application or withdraws from a network game application, Busidol is not responsible for any compensations or refunds.

Article 11. Copyrights of the Posts
Rights and responsibilities regarding posts made during the users usage of services are solely on the user oneself.
2. Rights to works by the company and other intellectual rights belong to the company.
3. If the posts by the user are determined to conform to each of these items, the company may erase the post without prior notification and may reject registrations.
1) The content of the post slanders other users, other people, invades ones privacy or injures ones honor
2) The content of the post may or actually affect stable management of the service
3) The content of the post is considered to be related with criminal acts
4) The content of the post invades the companys or a third partys intellectual rights or other rights

Article 12. Service Hours
Unless due to business or technical reasons by the company, the service is run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Nevertheless, when required by routine inspections and such, the company may temporary stop the service on a date or time determined by the company. The time and date must be prior notified on the application.
2. The company may temporarily stop the service due to unavoidable reasons such as emergency system inspection, system extensions or exchanges. The company may completely stop currently provided service on the basis of reasons determined appropriate by the company such as exchanging to a new service.
3. When providing regular service is impossible due to national emergency, blackout, disorders in service facilities or deluge on services, the company may stop all or part of the service. Nevertheless, in this case, the reason and period should be notified to the members before or after the event.
4. The service may divide the service into certain range and designate service hours per each range and if needed members who are allowed for each range. In this case, the detail is notified to the users.
5. When stopping the whole service is required due to changes in market, technological requirements, decrease in preference of service users, directing other games, operational issues or the companys urgent situations, the company may stop providing the service but it must notified on the initial screen of the application and in-game notifications 30 days prior to the date of stop of the service. The user may not request the service to be provided again or compensations for stopping the services.

Article 13. Limitations to the Service
When the users usage of services corresponds to one of the items below, the company may limit the user from using the service
1. Using someone elses identity illegally, using false identity or impersonation of operators
2. Arbitrary modification, manipulation or changing Busidol application or its data
Actions which injure other users honor, insults, or causing sexual or personal humiliations
Actions which threaten other users or causing continuous pains
Using Busidol application for profits or for criminal acts
Collecting or revealing other persons personal information without the owners agreements
7. Selling, transferring or securing items or accounts of the Busidol application with permission of Busidol
8. Purchasing in-app items abnormally, not by the method provided by Busidol application or from a third party rather than Busidol
9. When an underage purchases in-app items without agreement of the legal representative or someone under the age of 14 submits ones personal information without agreement of the legal representative
10. Abusing or spreading bugs of the Busidol application, or abnormally acquiring items or spreading the way how to do so
11. When the user does not pay payments of Busidol application or its in-app items
Other deeds which violate criminal law, youth protection law, contents industry promotion law and game industry promotion law

When the user uses the service according to the above limitation regulations, the company may stop or cancel the users service usage without other notifications and according to separately determined regulations.

Article 14. Advertisements
The company may provide advertisements related with Busidol or a third partys product or service to the user and the user agrees on it.
2. The company is not responsible for any advertisement of third partys product or service provided within the Busidol application.

Article 15. Damage Compensation
The company is not responsible for any damage inflicted to the user related with the free service provided by the company. Nevertheless, if the damage is caused by imputation of the company, the company shall compensate for the damage inflicted on the user.
2. Regarding the companys providing discrete services to the user by establishing partnership agreements with the discrete service provider, if the user agrees on terms of the discrete service and damages are inflicted due to imputation of the discrete service provider, the related damages are responsible of the discrete service provider.

Article 16. Cancellation of Service
The user may cancel terms of services of the Busidol application that have account function anytime by removing Busidol application or withdrawing membership required for use of Busidol application. In this case, the user may not request refunds for in-app items which are purchased or used.

Article 17. Exemption Clause
The company is exempt from responsible of service provision for causes such as natural disasters or other similar uncontrollable causes.
2. The company is exempt from damages caused by unavoidable causes such as maintenance or exchange of service facilities, periodic inspections or constructions.
3. The company is exempt from disorder in service use due to imputation of the user. Nevertheless, the company is not exempt if the user has unavoidable or reasonable grounds.
4. The company is not responsible for accuracy or credibility of information, data and facts posted by the user regarding the service.
5. The company is exempt for responsibilities if the users or a user and a third party commits a trade using the service as a medium.
6. Unless otherwise regulated in related laws, the company is not responsible for usage of freely provided services.
7. The company is not responsible for the users not acquiring expected profits or losing profits during usage of the service.
8. The company is not responsible for loss of the users experience points, ranking, items or game money on the game unless due to imputation of the company.

Article 18. Settlements
The user may request mediation to the contents dispute conciliation committee according to contents industry promotion law regarding disputes related with this terms of services.
2. Jurisdiction of the lawsuit regarding dispute between Busidol and the user is determined by the civil procedure code of Republic of Korea

Article 19. Nickname policy
Basically, When using BUSIDOL apps Nick name can be changed by own anytime.
However, In case of below, Admin may change it forcedly or control additionally if need.
1. A name that impersonates a company, its employees or officials and operators.
2. Names that includes abusive and slang, advertising, and sensational content.
3. A name contrary to other statutes or social norms.
4. Trademark rights of other third parties, names that may violate copyrights
5. A name deemed to have the purpose of criticizing, insulting, or defaming a particular person, group, organization, region, religion, etc.
6. Names that cause inconvenience to other users due to political content
7. Offensive name for another's family or deceased.
8. A Name disparaging victims of social issues

Article 20. Permanent suspension of illegal users
All accounts of the user who is busted by illegal cheating are deleted during period for retention and use of personal information.

Article 21. Terms of Subscription
Some of BUSIDOL's games may offer subscription services. If you purchase a subscription, then by clicking the purchase button you are requesting that We begin supplying the subscription services immediately and are entering into a periodic subscription contract with Us.
You are also authorizing a charge to you of a periodic subscription fee at the rate quoted at the time of purchase.
For subscription services purchased in a BUSIDOL game played on a platform such as Google, the platform will charge you for the subscription fee and the platforms payment terms will apply.
Please review the appropriate platforms payment terms for additional information.
Subscription charges will be applied to the payment instrument you provide when you start your subscription (or to a different payment instrument, if you change your account information).
Please note that prices and charges are subject to change.
If BUSIDOL makes a change to the periodic subscription rate, we will let you know in advance.
Your subscription will automatically renew at the start of each billing period unless and until you terminate your subscription or we terminate it.
You must cancel your subscription before it renews each billing period, otherwise payment of the next billing periods subscription fees will be taken automatically via your chosen payment method.
For subscription services purchased in a BUSIDOL game played on a platform such as Google, you may cancel at any time directly through the platform.
For other platforms, please review their customer support websites or contact their customer support numbers for information regarding canceling auto-renewing subscriptions.
Please note that support for billing-related issues and questions is available in voc@busidol.com.
Subscription services may be cancelled within 7 days from the date of your purchase and you may obtain a refund of your initial payment minus a reasonable pro-rated portion to cover your use of the subscription service prior to cancellation.
For BUSIDOL games played on a platform such as Google, please refer to the platforms payment terms relevant to subscriptions for more information on exercising this cancellation right.
BUSIDOL games may occasionally offer a one-time or limited-time bonus to players that have a current subscription or who agree to start a subscription.
You understand that these items, which will generally be marked as bonus items, will not be a part of your ongoing subscription.
All use of BUSIDOL's games and services is governed by the BUSIDOL Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Article 22. Bright Data
In return for some of the premium features of [ElDorado], you may choose to be a peer on the Bright Data network. By doing so you agree to have read and accepted the Terms of Service of the Bright SDK EULA:
You may opt out of the Bright Data network by clicking [Settings Screen - Web Indexing menu].

Article 23. Company Address
[Company Name]: BUSIDOL
[Street Address]: A-408, 11, Alphacity 1-ro 42-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
[City]: Daegu
[Zip Code]: 42550
[Country]: KOREA
[Email]: tvapps@busidol.com
[Website]: www.busidol.com
The above address is the registered and operational address of the company.
You can send emails to this address.
In the event of any changes to the company's address, we will notify you of the updates according to the methods specified in the terms of service.

Supplementary Provision (2013.03.19)
This terms of services is effective as of March 19th, 2013.